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Day 12: Parking spot

Day 12: Parking spot

King Edward Park on Brismania

KING Edward Park is hardly Brisbane’s best, but it does have its features and is a quiet oasis overlooking the city.

Okay, so I’m doing a bit of cheating here as it is right beside Jacob’s Ladder so it’s sort of two for one value when on a 365-day mission.

The park was named for Queen Victoria’s son King Edward VII who reigned from 1901-1910 (a bit like Prince Charles in that, with a mother on the throne for so long, he spent more time as the Prince of Wales than as king) so the park would have been dedicated at some time during this period.

It is a terraced with lawns and lots of trees, in particular a few huge spreading old figs and palms as well as monstera and crows (or birds) nest ferns.

King Edward Park on BrismaniaThere are plenty of benches to sit back and admire the city view between the foliage or just enjoy the piece of the green space and it’s seldom crowded.

King Edward Park on Brismania

A winding path down the terraces is scattered with art works that were installed when it was declared a sculpture park in 1990, which is a pleasant walk to avoid the steps beside it.

As it’s high and shady, it’s a cool place to relax in summer.


King Edward Park on Brismania


  1. I only discovered this park recently when I avoided Jacob’s blessed Ladder! It really is gorgeous and a real break from the surrounding cement, glass and asphalt.

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