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Day 13: Sliding doors

Day 13: Sliding doors

sliding doors on BrismaniaNow here’s a funny thing and it’s not that wildly special, but it is the sort of thing that if I was to see it anywhere else in the world, I would take a photo of it simple for its novelty value.

Heading down Melbourne Street on the South Bank, between QPAC and the Convention Centre is a nifty little setup that gives buses clear access to and from the South Brisbane Station.

This is no ordinary pedestrian crossing, but two sets of sliding doors on either side of the bus lane and once those doors are closed, there is no room for stragglers. The doors slide open to let the pedestrians or cyclists through, move across to the other side and then enter through another set of sliding doors to continue along the footpath.

sliding doors on BrismaniaSometimes, there is quite a crowd waiting for the doors to open and  I’ve also seen a few startled pedestrians making a mad dash to get through the doors before they close again.

I’m sure there is an excellent reason for having this little set-up rather than just the usual pedestrian lights, but I don’t know what it is.  I did have a fear that I would get locked out, but was relieved to see there is an emergency button on a gate and there is also a loud siren that gives the warning to move along before the doors close.

sliding doors on Brismaniasliding doors on Brismania