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Day 71: A good Point

Day 71: A good Point

Kangaroo PointTHE Kangaroo Point cliffs form a dramatic backdrop to the Brisbane River and, lining the southern shore opposite the botanic gardens, can be seen from many parts of the city.

By day, the parks and art works at the base of the cliffs are a distinctive part of the cityscape and by night they are dramatically lit up, making a Cityhopper trip down the river just to see them at any time a great idea.

Of course it’s even better to just go there and enjoy the walk.

With ferry stops at the Southbank promenade at one end and Thornton Street near Story Bridge at the other, it’s easily accessible from the city. (You can also hop on the free Cityhopper at Eagle Street and head straight across).Kangaroo Point

The cliffs are now a popular abseiling and recreational spot but once were the scene of a lot of hard work.

They were created by convicts who were sent out to mine the volcanic rock to build the colony.

History says it was Captain Patrick Logan (the Moreton Bay penal colony commandant from 1826 until he was killed in 1830, who is best remembered for his cruelty) who first opened the quarry to supply stone for building works.

The Old Windmill on Wickham Terrace (See Day 1) and the Commissariat Store still stand as testament to that.

Kangaroo Point stone was also used to make walls along parts of the river and most recently, Manly Boat Harbour and the new Port of Brisbane. Quarrying continued until 1976.

Which brings us to today when it is a perfect recreation area and public open space.Kangaroo Point

The area between the cliff face and the river, called The Cliffs Boardwalk, has been beautifully landscaped with walkways, including a boardwalk through the mangroves, barbecues, picnic areas and gardens.

Scattered along the walk are colourful artworks that were originally commissioned for the riverside promenade at World Expo 88 at nearby Southbank.

Called Man and Matter, the sculptural series by Peter D Cole, was relocated around the river bend to the Cliffs Boardwalk in 1992, as part of the parklands upgrade.

The arts and river trail is a very pleasant area for a walk and is so popular with runners and cyclists that the footpath is divided into two lanes to keep the mobs separate.

Across the river are the Botanic Gardens with the city skyline beyond.Kangaroo Point

Above, at the top of cliffs and accessible by a steep, stone set of steps, is the equally interesting Kangaroo Point Park. (see Day 49 Art and Park)

Between the sculptures, the views, the variety of the landscape and the ambience, it’s a very easy place to while away the hours and indulge in the perfect weather at this time of year.Kangaroo PointKangaroo Point Kangaroo PointKangaroo PointKangaroo Point Kangaroo Point Kangaroo Point