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Day 59: Something to talk about

Day 59: Something to talk about

DialogueThey make a handsome couple having a chat as they sit on a wall outside the General Post Office in Queen Street.

It would seem I have become quite a fan of the polish sculptor Cezary Stulgis, this being the third reference (Day 37 and Day 31)  to his works in just 59 posts, but really, they are attention grabbing.

Called “Dialogue” the cast bronze figures took up their perch on the wall in 2004 and like The Passenger, they are a brilliant interpretation of the human form in an everyday situation.

The man sits pensively, legs dangling over the side of the tiled wall, while the woman faces him, sitting on top like the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen (just the pose, no water here of course).


I’ve come across them both during the day and at night while wandering the streets of Brisbane and it’s hard to say but I think they look their best at night.

The work is a good example of something that workers pass every day without noticing and yet a visitor finds worth stopping to examine and photograph.

I really just like the idea of stumbling across something that’s worth stopping to look at and this Dialogue is definitely worth tuning into.

Dialogue Dialogue