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Day 39: Simply riveting

Day 39: Simply riveting

shiny metal sculpture is called PrideDOWN at the corner of Albert and Charlotte Streets, is an imposing figure in shiny stainless steel mingling with pedestrians as they wait at the busy intersection.

The sculpture, by Grant Lehmann, is called Pride and has been standing on the corner  since 1999.

It stands 3.4 metres tall and is made up of 598 panels which are fixed to its framework by 2562 rivets.

Apparently it was originally in bronze, disappeared for a while, and then came back in stainless steel which, with its height, really makes it stand out from the crowd now.

The other interesting aspect that makes it worthy of stopping for a photograph is that it comes at you from every angle.shiny metal sculpture is called Pride

The sculptor comes from Toowoomba, west of Brisbane (the same place as Steele Rudd, the author) and has now moved on to working for Hollywood, creating special effects and creatures for movies.shiny metal sculpture is called Pride