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Day 31: Avant Guardian

Day 31: Avant Guardian

The Guardian in Wharf StTHIS guy has to be one of the coolest dudes in Brisbane.

Wearing a hoodie with his baggy shorts and garden boots he looks as cool as a cucumber as he stands sentinel right beside the kerb in Wharf Street near the Ann Street intersection.

He moved into the neighbourhood in 2008, thanks to Polish sculptor Cezary Stulgis who now lives nearby on the Sunshine Coast.

From some angles he genuinely gives the impression he’s about to step off the kerb and cross the street.

According to an onlooker who regularly sits near him while on a cigarette break, there have been a few near-misses as eager tourists step on to the road to take his photo.

In this sense his name, The Guardian, may not be so appropriate but he certainly does look as though he’s keeping a close watch on the passing parade.

On the factual side, he stands well over 6ft tall and is made of welded stainless steel and the attached plate states:

The Guardian in Wharf St“The guardian is a contemporary mythological figure, a good natured dog/man that restores balance on the planet. The sphere is his body symbolizes his energy or his life force. The tree in his backpack is a link to our fragile climate.”

Creator Stulgis is a “sculptor, painter and designer whose highly distinctive work fuses next-level aesthetics with classical craftsmanship – a reflection of his artistic roots in the street art movement of the mid-eighties and formal training as a sculptor and painter at the renowned Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Poland”.

His work can be found in various parts of Australia, Poland and the United Kingdom and this one stands free for the viewing on the busy city streets of Brisbane. You can’t miss him.The Guardian in Wharf StThe Guardian in Wharf St

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