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Day 16: Kangaroo korner

Day 16: Kangaroo korner

City Roos on BrismaniaOK,I’ve already got to admit it, after only 16 days,  I’m not going to get out and about every single day.

This is not because the city is not producing something worth seeing, it’s more about me finding the time to explore it. But since this is a 365-day project, not a day can be missed so I’ve decided the easy way out is to dedicate these busy days to some of the brilliant street art to be discovered randomly all over the city.

I was once coerced by a friend into taking one of those city tours in an open double decker bus around the streets of Madrid (I owed it to him after my disastrous choice of  restaurant the previous night).

So there we sat, freezing our butts off on a January afternoon being bored senseless by a speaker system that simply spouted dates of construction of a lot of old buildings. There were no anecdotes or little yarns to go with the monologue – just dates and buildings that soon blended into each other, so all in all it squared off any debts owed on the restaurant choice.

I decided that we could do  better than that right here in Brisbane, so whenever I’m taking time off my daily Brismania adventure, there will be a look at random street art which in many cases would make a more entertaining city tour and photo opportunity than my red bus experience.

Today’s is the kangaroos lounging about on George Street, between Adelaide and Ann in the city. It’s a bit like the old joke that Americans imagine there are kangaroos hopping down the streets of Australia – these kangas are called City Roos and are made of scrap metal bits and pieces cleverly put together by Queensland artist Christopher Trotter.

City Roos on Brismania         City Roos on Brismania City Roos on Brismania