Day 114: Secret of Colmslie Beach


A pretty picnic ground, big old poincianas, a whimsical playground and a paddle in the Brisbane River – Colmslie Beach Reserve appears to be another one of Brisbane’s well-kept secrets.

It’s only 9km east of the city, following the south side of the river in the general direction of Wynnum and once again affirms the value of following your nose until you find yourself somewhere.

Colmslie Beach Reserve
A delightful stretch of sandy beach

The plan was to investigate the Port of Brisbane, but that was sidetracked just after Morningside when I decided to try and get closer to the river. And there it was, a little gem shining on an overcast day.

Colmslie Beach Reserve
The boardwalk

I once worked at nearby Hemmant and have no recollection of there being such a delightful spot, but then that was so long ago I imagine it was only hardened locals who knew Colmslie had a beach. In those days the only Colmslie was the pub!

Colmslie Beach Reserve
Avenue of trees

There are open fields for kicking a ball around (or running the dog, it’s an off-leash area), a really imaginative playground, picnic shelters, water fountains and barbecues and a pleasant path beside the river.

Colmslie Beach Reserve
Imaginative children’s playground

Wooden steps in the shade of big old trees drop down to a  stretch of sandy beach where a fisherman has his line in and the river laps against the shore. Perfect.

Not sure about the swimming, but one brave toddler was out splashing about and loving it.

Colmslie Beach Reserve
A useful warning

The only danger warning was for snakes.

A boardwalk continues from the steps to another small beach and views of a fleet of fishing trawlers moored upriver.

Colmslie Beach
Perfect spot for a picnic

At the other end of the beach, the Gateway bridge soars overhead while on the opposite side of the river is the Royal Queensland Golf Club and a new angle on the Hamilton wharves.

It’s a top spot (especially if you have young children – and a dog) to pack up a picnic and head off for a relaxing day by the river.

Who would have thought!

Public transport is available via Lytton Road or it’s a 15 minute drive from the city.


  1. A fabulous spot; I played hockey on those fields as a boy. It’s looking much nicer these days I think. Nice hill near by too I think. Thanks for another great blog post.

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