Brisbane on Brismania

Brismania is a daily diary of what there is to discover in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia.

The goal is to set out to discover something new, inspirational, quirky, exciting or  just plain interesting every day and see if the city can deliver.

The idea came about for two reasons.

First, I needed something to get me moving each day. As a night shift journalist it was just too easy to sleep away the morning and slob around in the afternoon until it was time to go to work again.

Brismania gives me purpose and the daily challenge of coming up with a plan.

Secondly, having moved to Brisbane only in mid-2011, I was fascinated to discover just how much the city had to offer.

I was walking with a friend through James Street to Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley and we started comparing it to other places we had visited in the world.

We decided there and then, it was up with the best and that we had a great city to hang out in right under our nose.

It’s easy to find comparisons with other parts of the world that you would make a point of visiting  yet often don’t notice right here at home. This would explain why often there are references to other parts of the world. I’ve also stopped in many places and taken a photo of something that has caught my eye and now I’m doing the same here. The tourist at home, as it were.

I’ve decided I’m a Brismaniac these days and every day I seem to spot something worth recording – and I haven’t even got to the coffee shops  yet.

It’s all a grand adventure.

Dot Whittington,  Spring Hill,  April 1, 2013